Jett / León Ltd. offers clients worldwide the best value at minimum risk in documentary, corporate, television and web video production. 

Our past projects include documentary films for non-profit organizations and corporations, half-hour television shows, packages for television networks, training and marketing videos for corporations and small businesses, media marketing kit videos for PR firms and monthly internet content.   

We offer scalable, cost-effective video production, a traditional 20th century methodology and a polished 21st century aesthetic.  

Founded by Emmy ® nominated producer / director Adrian León in 1997, Jett / León has been privileged to serve a comprehensive lineup of clients in such diverse locations as Noda, Japan - Istanbul, Turkey - London, England - Mexico City, Mexico - New York City, New York - Nashville, Tennessee - Dallas, Texas - Hollywood, California - and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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After working in television for many years, I can tell within the first few seconds if my director has “it” - and Adrian León has “it.” He has the initiative, the talent and the knowledge when it comes to efficient filming. On top of all that, he makes the task at hand fun and entertaining.
— Stacey Gualandi, Emmy-winning Reporter, Host- Hallmark Channel & Correspondent, Inside Edition

Why choose Jett / León Ltd?

There are countless production companies out there but this is what sets us apart....

  1. We are a small boutique production company with very little overhead. This allows us to produce high-end videos at minimal cost to you. But don't let our size fool you, big projects are our specialty.
  2. Our background is in the high stakes, fast-paced arena of broadcast television production. No matter how modest the budget or whether the project will exhibit in a theater, on T.V. or the internet, all of our videos meet the creative and technical industry standards of the television world. 
  3. We are fast at no expense to quality. Just about all of our projects for television are produced with very little prep time yet the quality and technical standards remain high. We thrive under that sort of pressure. Plus, this spirit of urgency is advantageous to a production since it keeps our use of time and resources efficient. 
  4. Fads come and go but we won't impose an unsolicited "hip" or "flavor of the month" look to your video. Instead, we focus on production value and on giving your video a look which is consistent with your brand and message. 
  5. We love people just much as we love what we do- if not more -and we treat our clients like family. Virtually all of our business consists of repeat clients and word-of-mouth. Our goal on every production is to exceed expectations. This, we believe, is the reason we have thrived for over a decade-and-a-half in a very competitive field with virtually zero marketing.
Adrian has a work-ethic and honesty on both the business and creative sides of his endeavors that are extremely impressive and, I can assure you, second to none.
— Robert Wiemer, Executive Producer, Tigerfilm, Inc. & Emmy-Winning Film & Episodic Television Director